Blue-spotted Salamander (Ambystoma laterale)
Blue-spotted Salamander (Ambystoma laterale)

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of finding a Blue-Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma laterale).

These salamanders have declined with the loss of native forests and wetland breeding sites (Petranka, 1998), especially in southern regions. They are considered Endangered in New Jersey, Iowa, and Ohio, Threatened in Connecticut, and Of Special Concern in Indiana, Vermont, and Massachusetts (Lannoo, 1998d; McCollough, 1999). They rare in southwestern Ontario (Hecnar, 1997), and considered provincially sensitive (GSWG 2000).

Blue-spotted Salamander

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  • April 30, 2019 at 10:50 pm

    In the last month I’ve found two blue spotted salamanders in my yard. I had never seen one before. I live on a lake with small ponds in the woods. Also salt is not used on the roads in winter. I have a feeling I will be meeting up with more in the future.


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