Many individuals purchase salamanders (including newts) as pets only to find that they soon become bored or burdened by the animals. Exotic species should never be released into non-native habitats. If you have a captive salamander that you are no longer wanting to care for, please get in contact.

Salamanders that are taken in are given a permanent-forever home where they will receive proper care & husbandry. This includes being provided with a proper habitat in a climate controlled environment, and a proper diet for optimal health and well-being. The rescue project runs on a no-kill basis and has been developed largely from criteria laid out by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS). Salamanders are monitored daily for signs of stress, discomfort, and illness to ensure a stress free existence, high quality of life, and excellent health.

Animals that are adopted will not be sold, traded, or rehomed.